More about Lap Cards

Here’s how it works:
  • The walkers wear a lap card attached to a string around their neck
  • Each time the walker completes a lap, a volunteer punches a hole in the lap card while cheering wildly
  • If you are providing complimentary snacks, concessions volunteers can also hole-punch the card to track who has received their free item(s)
  • At the end of the event, the walkers turn in their lap cards to show total laps walked
  • Once a volunteer records the distance, the walker keeps the heavily punched lap card as a treasured keepsake

I think Lap Cards are the best approach because they:
  • Are not easily lost (attached to each walker)
  • Provide a convenient record of laps walked that is easily turned in at the end of the event
  • Are inexpensive
  • Can have your logo printed on them – many kids have kept them as souvenirs
  • Seem to inspire the kids more than the other approaches we’ve tried

The most popular job at our walkathons is punching the lap cards as the kids complete each lap. It’s amazing to see how proud the kids are as they hold up their lap cards to show you how many laps they have already walked. It’s a lot of fun to see them accrue punches as the day goes on, determined to get every last hole on their card punched.

Lap Card Material
The first time we used lap cards, we made them out of heavy card stock that seemed very sturdy. They looked great at the beginning of the walkathon, but after a day of popsicles, orange slices, squirt bottles, racing, wrestling and all the other stuff that young kids do, the cards were in pretty bad shape, and some had been torn or lost.

The next year, we decided that we needed to laminate them to make them strong enough to withstand the day of wear, including water spills and squirt bottles. The cards worked great, but the laminating process took ten hours for our 300 walkers, in addition to the time we spent printing and cutting the cards.

After lots of searching and experimenting I found two great alternatives that can be customized with your logo and information specific to your walkathon. 

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