Water-Proof & Tear-Proof Lap Cards
These cards are virtually indestructible and look great from start to finish. 

Made from lightweight, flexible plastic cards from SteelTags.com
(http://www.steeltags.com), these Lap Cards are:

  • Water and tear proof
  • Easy to punch with a hole puncher 
  • Lap Card dimensions: 2.91" x  4.13"
  • Provided in sheets of 8 cards, perforated for easy separation
  • Ready for stringing with a pre-punched hole in the corner
  • Printed with the info you provide us using a high resolution laser printer. You specify:
- maximum number of laps (20, 30 or 40) to count
- logo and/or any text to include
- any free items for the walkers that you want to track on              the cards (hot dog, popsicle, etc)

These cards are available for $0.45 per card

Here's How to Order

Step 1: Enter your info in the form below and hit "Submit"

Step 2: If you indicated that you will provide a logo, attach it to an email and send it to [email protected] (send using the email address you supplied in the form above)

Step 3: We will email you a pdf file of your card for your review and approval (we will rotate logo and text for best fit) - just reply to our email if you want to request any changes

Step 4: Once you approve the layout, just come back to this web page and click on the "Add to Cart" button. Then specify the number of cards you want to order (we'll also provide instructions by email). We'll match your order to your card design using your name and ship to the address you provide at checkout.
Come rain or squirt gun, these lap cards will endure, just like your walkers.
Return to http://www.walkathonshop.com/lapcards.html for more alternatives
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$0.45 per Card
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NOTE: As of March 15, 2020, our printed lap cards are temporarily unavailable. We are avoiding the print shop to protect their health and ours. 

Please check back soon for updates. Meanwhile, we've left the information here for you so you can plan for the future.
We've disabled the "submit" button until we can fill your orders again.