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We help people plan walkathons.
We invest the time that people organizing local walkathons can't - to gather world class knowledge and techniques, document the wisdom that should be handed from one person to the next, and develop products and services just for walkathons.  We report on what we learn from walkathons around the world and connect you with the best resources out there.

Our flagship products are
  • Walkathon Guide, an e-book that takes you step by step through the process of organizing a walkathon, 
  • and Lap Cards, light weight waterproof plastic cards used to count laps, also providing the anchoring prop for walkathon fun and camaraderie.   

Our blog, also called Walkathon Guide, marked our entry into the world of walkathons and has built up an audience of thousands  each month.

We have crawled the web to find the best suppliers for water bottles, signs, software, and information on related activities.

We're located in Los Altos Hills, California.   Our president, Lee Garverick, has volunteered in ten walkathons and counting.  Her hobby is walking.  

This company was brought to you by The Long Tail.

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