Getting Your Lap Cards
You have two options.

1) Use our Microsoft PowerPoint lap card template to design and print them yourself

2) Buy our Water/Tear-Resistant cards that we customize to your specifications. 

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Motivation on a string
Lap Cards are the backbone of your walkathon.
Here’s how it works:
• Walkers wear a lap card attached to a string around their neck
• Each time the walker completes a lap, a volunteer punches a   hole in the lap card while cheering wildly
• When finished, lap cards provide record of total laps walked (and treasured keepsake for proud walkers)

Learn more about using lap cards
Earn more with lap cards.  More laps means more donations. Lap cards motivate your walkers to go farther.
Lap Cards anchor your event.  They are the conversation piece, motivator, and official record all in one.
At each lap, a volunteer punches a hole in the lap card while cheering on the walker.  After the event, the walker has a colorful memento.
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NOTE: As of March 15, 2020, our printed lap cards are temporarily unavailable. We are avoiding the print shop to protect their health and ours. 

Please check back soon for updates! Meanwhile, we've left the information here for you so you can plan for the future.