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The Walkathon Guide will demystify the whole planning process so you know exactly what to do, what resources you will need, and when you will need them.
  • Simplify recruiting walkathon volunteers
  • Get on top of all the details
  • Clearly define roles, and keep everyone in sync
  • Be supremely confident, start to finish
  • Have less stress and more fun
  • Raise more money

At $17.95, it can help you save hours of trial and error work during walkathon planning and avoid last minute glitches on Walkathon day.  The Walkathon Guide is ideal for schools, churches, and charitable organizations.  

The Walkathon Guide helps you make your walkathon more fun and profitable, and at the same time helps you keep calm and organized.  You can focus on the big picture because The Walkathon Guide lets you predict and delegate the details.  The Walkathon Guide offers the wisdom and experience of generations of walkathon planners.  It includes:

  • Over 80 pages of detailed walkathon planning information
  • Timelines, “to do” lists, and dependencies for each committee
  • Example flyers, forms and email messages
  • Words of wisdom based on over 10 years of direct experience planning walkathons
  • Separate sections designed to be given directly to each committee leader, so they can understand exactly what is expected from them
  • List of all volunteers needed, with numbers, start time, for every committee
  • Committee job descriptions with number of volunteers needed
  • Valued at over $40

The Walkathon Guide covers everything from your initial decisions through to the celebration after.  You’ll have the info you need, just when you need it.  It steers you around common pitfalls and easily forgotten details, and gives you examples that will help you quickly generate documentation that suits your particular needs.  You can also download Reusable Flyers in MS Word format, that will save you even more time.

Use the individual committee sections to quickly explain what’s needed from each committee so volunteers will be more willing to sign up. Then your committee chairs can use them to be on the ball for all their responsibilities. With twelve chapters and three appendices, The Walkathon Guide provides details for every committee.

Be on top of all the key details to make your event more fun and profitable than ever before.  Keep energy high, stress levels down, and have your volunteers working in sync, knowing what’s needed when from each other.

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Work Smart.
Here's the plan.
The Walkathon Guide
by Lee Garverick
How to plan a walkathon -  over 80 pages of checklists, timelines, examples, and tips.  Detailed sections for every committee.  More info...

You can download and start reading this book immediately. It's in PDF format so you can read it using any computer with Adobe Reader software.

Price:  $17.95
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” I wish ‘The Walkathon Guide’ existed when I started leading walkathons.  Lee Garverick has done a great job of creating a step-by-step guide to planning a successful walkathon.  The timelines and sample documents sprinkled throughout the guide are invaluable.  I am confident future walkathons will be more successful when the experience captured in ‘The Walkathon Guide’ is applied.”

– Roger Carr, walkathon organizer, speaker, author, CharityWalksBlog, e-book “Wake Up and Make a Difference”

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Walkathon Forms, Flyers & Emails in MS Word
To save even more time and effort when organizing and communicating plans for your event, you can download all the forms, flyers and example emails in The Walkathon Guide Appendices in MS Word format. Then simply edit them with your specific info and you're all set. The formatting and general wording is already done for you, so you'll be able to put together the documents you need in no time. You just need Microsoft Word 2007 or later.

Price:  $4.95
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